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Most important customer lost

According to our log files, we lost the most important customer of bookalizer: They used to integrate our services what led to > 100.000 generated ads per month. In April, they switched to an amazon feature that looks quite

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Switched to new amazon web services ECS 4

Today, I switched bookalizer to the new amazon web services because the old ones are shut down at march 31, 2008.  Of course, the new version of bookalizeris compatible with the old one. You can keep your scripts as they

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bookalizer version 0.99

After the great news below (> 300.000 book ads delivered by bookalizer since 2007), I started the adaption of the bookalizer to the new amazon web services (AWS) version 4. Now, the beta is online – reachable for testing by

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2006 hat der Verein die Webseite live geschaltet. Seitdem hat den Dienst niemand mehr beachtet. Nun hat amazon angekündigt die vom Dienst verwendete Version der amazon Web Services (AWS) abzuschalten und nur noch Version 4 zu betreiben. Ich war

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Bookalizer 0.91 online – vertical layouts

I’m very busy at the moment, that’s why we hadn’t an update for a long time. I added the vertical layout type for one of our users. By the way: amazon is promoting a new kind of ads: build-in shops.

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Bookalizer version 0.9 online – new layout type

There is a new layout type available for the bookalizer: „Details“. With that type, you can display a book ad including the average customer rating and the product description. In addition, there is an auto-scrolling configured for the surrounding DIV

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References and undefined-fix

I added some references of sites using bookalizer. A large Austrian bank was using the service for a few days as far as I can see out of the log files. But suddenly the log entries disappeared. What a pitty

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Some changes …

I made some changes to bookadmin: now, it is possible to save books without author (yes they exist!) to the database. Besides, you can move books to your library from the shopping card and your notes. In addition, there were

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bookalizer version 0.7 online

A lot of request are coming from Englisch speaking people, so I switch the blog language. The new version of bookalizer is now prepared to word for,, and Further localization (Englisch interface) is prepared. There were

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bookalizer Version 0.5 online

Heute geht der Bookalizer als Ergänzung des BookAdmin online. Inspiriert durch die Self Optimizing Links von amazon habe ich einen ähnlichen Dienst geschrieben. Aber es gibt diverse Vorteile, u.a. dass man eine Keyword Liste hinterlegen kann, zu denen passende Bücher

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