Monat: August 2006

Bookalizer version 0.9 online – new layout type

There is a new layout type available for the bookalizer: „Details“. With that type, you can display a book ad including the average customer rating and the product description. In addition, there is an auto-scrolling configured for the surrounding DIV

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References and undefined-fix

I added some references of sites using bookalizer. A large Austrian bank was using the service for a few days as far as I can see out of the log files. But suddenly the log entries disappeared. What a pitty

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Wir hatten geplant, ein Tippspiel im Internet zu starten und die Einnahmen der Anmeldegebühr zu spenden. Dazu haben wir die Domain reserviert. Leider dürfen wir das Tippspiel nicht veranstalten, weil wir damit gegen das staatliche Sportwettenmonopol verstoßen würden. Die

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